Why do cost estimates vary so much?

While the primary elements of a swimming pool construction project are consistent from one plan to another, there are a great variety of options that can affect the costs and there are unlimited number of features that can be included. In addition, there are a number of swimming pool contractors in St. Louis area and not every contractor utilizes the same estimating process.

To help you better understand why there are variances in the prices for in-ground swimming pools, you should consider that the price is determined not just by the size of the pool, but also by the quality of materials, the quality of construction, the complexity of the design and whether the contractor includes all aspects of construction in its price estimate.

Many pool contractors are inexperienced with certain site situations and therefore bring in their bids lower to win the job and then add the numerous "cost overruns" after construction starts. While every pool builder faces some uncertainty with the costs to prepare the hole for the pool (due to rock, sink holes, and the like) many also do not factor in essential elements like deck caulking, systems integration, and safety features.

Baker Pool prides itself in offering transparent upfront pricing taking all variables into account before an estimate is approved and construction begins.