About Us

St. Louis Pool Builders since 1968

St. Louis Pool Contractors discussing new pool projectIn the early 1960s Tom Baker was in the farm supply business. In particular, Tom constructed grain silos and sold milk-extraction equipment. The grain silos were made of radius steel panels bolted together and anchored by a concrete footing. One day Tom and one of his customers were staring at the first rung of what would soon be an entire grain silo. The farmer said to Tom, "If you were to put a liner in that base as it is, it sure would make a good swimming pool." Tom Baker, the entrepreneur that he was, listened to that advice and the rest, as they say, is history.

Baker Pool & Supply, Inc. was born in 1968 and almost from it's inception was the premier builder of swimming pools in the St. Louis area. Over the years a custom designed inground swimming pool niche was forged and even to this day we enjoy a strong presence in this market.

As a direct off-shoot of building quality inground swimming pools, a service department and retail store was established in the mid 70s. The primary focus of these departments was to cater to the service and supply needs of the ever-growing list of new in-ground pool customers.

Baker Pool Construction early picture Over the years, however, the retail store, primarily with the introduction of portable spas, has become a self-sufficient department that rivals in-ground pool construction for total revenue. The service department has also developed into a self-sufficient department, although its primary focus caters to the needs of our in-ground pool customers and portable spa customers.

In 1992 Baker Pool & Supply, Inc. became Baker Pool & Spa, Inc. (as portable spas became a primary focus along with the in-ground swimming pools). It is with a rich history and a solid reputation that Baker Pool & Spa looks to a very bright future of growth in all areas of creating a backyard oasis for our much appreciated and ever growing family of customers.