Weekly Service

Exceptional Weekly Pool Maintenance 

  • Test and treat water
  • Clean filter elements monthly
  • Backwash filter weekly
  • Clean skimmer and pump baskets
  • Inspect pool equipment and perform minor repairs
  • Skim the water surface
  • Inspect auto-cleaner and perform minor repairs

Additional Options

Salt Pool Maintenance [Recommended for all salt water pools]                       

    • Weekly salt and phosphate testing
    • Regular cell inspections and cleanings
    • Phosphate removal as needed
    • Salt addition as needed

Manual Vacuum Service [For pools without an auto-cleaner]                           

    • Manually vacuum the pool floor
    • Brush down all steps, swim outs, and corners

Spa Service                                                                                                   

    • Test and treat spa water
    • Rotate filters and clean them as needed
    • Flush, drain, clean, and refill as needed
    • Clean the water line
    • Vacuum up any debris
    • Clean the spa cover

Twice Weekly Service [Recommended for pools with high bather load, excessive vegetation, unique water features etc.]                                                                               

    • Make two visits per week

Custom Services                                                                                                                     

    • Vacuuming edge catch basins and custom water features
    • Tile Cleaning
    • Deck Cleaning
    • Outdoor Kitchen Cleanup
    • Pressure washing
    • Name your need-we can do it! 


Monthly Pool Maintenance

  • Test and balance water
  • Clean skimmer and pump baskets
  • Clean filter elements or backwash filter
  • Inspect auto-cleaner
  • Inspect pool equipment


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