High Standard Craftsmanship

“The KV Sanders Company is the preeminent Custom Home Building company in the St. Louis whose focus has always been the upper end of the residential new construction market place.  Our clients require craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail, and value throughout the project.  As such, we demand the same characteristics from all of our subcontractors and vendors.  Baker Pool Construction has over the years built many stunning projects for us.  They understand the high level of detail demanded by both myself as well as my clients.  Baker not only excels at developing spectacular designs, they follow through with experienced field personal who implement only the highest standards of construction practices.  Their construction management system integrates seamlessly with ours to produce the highest level of craftsmanship that we demand from all our subcontractors and vendors.  They have always worked in the best interest of my clients and as such, myself.  I would absolutely recommend Baker Pool Construction to anyone interested in developing a striking outdoor environment built to meet the highest quality standards of construction and long term performance.”

Kevin Sanders
President, KV Sanders Company

Exceptional Design

"Quality and customer satisfaction is top priority at Simon Homes and when a Simon Homes client expresses the desire to incorporate a swimming pool, as part of their home construction, I always recommend Baker Pool. I know I can depend on Baker Pool Construction to develop an exceptional design, be proactive in communication with the client and execute the project with the same level of quality that goes into every Simon Home. I consistently receive complements from my clients regarding their experience with Baker Pool Construction and would highly recommend them for your project"

Barry Simon
President, Simon Home


"Williams Development has had the opportunity to work with Baker Pool Construction on many projects through the years. Their team of highly skilled professionals are knowledgeable pool people that know their business and are very easy to work with. No matter how large or complicated the project Baker Pool is up to the task. They continue to exceed my expectations on every project we do together and would high recommend them to anyone wanting a beautifully designed and constructed pool."

Steve Williams
Williams Development Inc.

Customer Service

Dear Baker Pool,

This letter is late in coming to you, but Bill and I want to thank you again for our gorgeous pool and spa! You and all of your staff did an outstanding job, from the very first meeting with Ken, our salesman, to the very end of the project! We were anticipating lots of problems, hassles, and stress during the process, but we had absolutely none of that. Instead, it was truly a pleasure! Rob was our excellent project manager, and it was great to work with him! Everyone we dealt with was totally professional, responsive, adaptable... and fun! Your recommendations for the companies for the gazebo, fencing, and landscaping were perfect also. If we ever had questions or concerns related to anything, they were addressed immediately. Your attention to detail was extremely important! We also loved having Karen call every day to let us know what was going to be happening on that particular day. Though I never met her, I felt like I knew her because of those daily phonecalls! We are thoroughly enjoying our backyard oasis! Even if we are not outside, or in the pool or spa, we love looking out the windows to see this beautiful area that has been transformed into a work of art! Thank you for everything! We will continue to recommend Baker Pool and Spa to everyone!

Barb and Bill D.

Service After the Sale

Hi Pat,

Just a note to let you know that we're moving to St. Albans and have to leave behind our beautiful pool. Sooooo sad. However, I am writing to tell you that one of the main reasons the new folks chose our house over many others was because of the awesome swimming pool you built for us. The new owners are a young couple with four children who love to swim -- a perfect combination for a house with a 24,000 gallon swimming hole.

Anyway, they've never owned a pool before and are a bit anxious about their ability to maintain one. I know what that was like because we were full of questions as first-timers ourselves six summers ago. I remember how kind and extremely helpful you were, and how much we've depended on you ever since. The water testing service is the best; we are in the store at least once a week and have always enjoyed sparkling clean water based on your chemical use recommendations.

To get the new owners off to a good start, we're going to 'gift' them a one-hour private Pool School with a Baker Pool & Spa technician to take place during their first week in the new house. I just booked it through Jennifer in Service. After that, the new owners will hopefully become Baker Pool & Spa regulars too!

With best wishes for continued success in you business endeavors.

Julia M

Excellent Team

Dear Ray and Pat-

I wanted to send you an e-mail to let you know what a pleasure it has been to work with all the associates and contractors from your company. Rob, Karen and Ken are wonderful people to work with and I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate all their hard work, assistance and help over the last 6 months. Your team has truly helped us create a back yard oasis!

I also wanted to make special mention of Alternative Concrete and Dustin for working over the weekend to complete the decking texture. Dustin took time away from his family to make sure he got the job done "on time" for us. On top of that, Dustin and his team did an outstanding job to make sure every detail on the deck was perfect..... Mrs. W couldn't be any happier and that says it all.

Please let your team and Alternative Concrete know that I would welcome the opportunity to be their reference for any future customers. Once again, thank you for making this a wonderful experience. You should be proud to know that you have created a "can do" attitude with your employees and contractors and that my friend is the mark of a great company.

All the best,

Kevin - Chesterfield, MO



I'm not sure if you're aware of it or not, but today you have a crew out at our house replacing our pump. I don't know what is wrong with it other than it is extremely loud, but with the construction business being what it is I was really worried with what it was going to cost me. Of course there was a part of me that was angry that the pump would go bad so fast, but having my own business I do know that things sometimes go bad without a good reason and warranties seldom go past one year. Although I'm sure this drives you crazy, I looked up pump replacement pricing on the internet prior to you coming out because I wanted to brace myself for what was coming. My surprise came later in the day when my wife called me and told me it was warranty work.

When people compliment us on our pool and ask me about the contractor, my wife and I have always had nice things to say about Baker Pool and that we would strongly recommend them. We said the experience was very good (except for the $7,000.00 sink hole at the start of the project, which wasn't your fault), but people seem surprised when they find out that we only got a couple of bids for the work. I try and tell them that if they do their homework and talk to as many people as they can that have had a pool built, they should be able to narrow it down. That's what I did, and Baker was always highly recommended. I'm sure I could have got 5 or 6 other bids for our pool a couple years ago, and I probably could have found someone beside Baker to be the low bidder, but I'd also bet that I would be forking out money right now for a new pump too if I used someone else.

Thank you very much.

Todd - Town & Country, MO