Pool Opening

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Please note: We do require a $150 deposit to secure your spot on our opening schedule.

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Pool Opening (2 hour minimum, on average 4 hours)

The opening process consists of 2-3 visits over a 7-day period.  The time of year and complexity of the pool factor into the number and length of visits needed.

Initial Visit Remove pool cover, clean immediate deck area and water line. Begin filling pool and start-up equipment. Test and balance water chemistry. Inspect equipment, making minor repairs if necessary. Inspect and install automatic cleaner.

Follow-up Visit(s) Clean filters and perform any additional cleaning and balancing to the water chemistry as needed. Double check equipment functionality, adjust water features, autofills, and schedules (if applicable). For saltwater pools, we will clean the salt cell and add salt if necessary.

We strive to provide an exceptional full service opening experience, which requires very little involvement from our customers. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding our opening procedures.

Drain and Clean Pool 

  • Completely drain pool and clean surface
  • Replace and upgrade main drain covers with VGB approved main drain grates (if necessary)
  • Begin refilling the pool
  • Once the pool is filled, we will complete our opening process
  • Price includes start-up chemicals, balancers, and sanitizers
  • Price EXCLUDES the addition of salt, major repair work, and pool cover storage.

Clean and Store Pool Cover for the Summer

  • Cover is professionally power-washed, dried, and stored for the season