Pool Closing

Winterize Plumbing

  • Evacuate water from the plumbing lines and blow pool grade antifreeze through all pipes (this includes any water feature that is plumbed into the main filter pump)
  • Clean the filter elements with a high pressure nozzle
  • Add winterizing chemical kit which includes liquid chlorine, scale inhibitor, and algaecide

Draining Service

  • We will drain the pool to the proper winter level prior to closing the pool

Cover Installation

  • Tarp Covers: We will fill all the water tubes and install cover
  • Safety Covers: We will elevate your deck anchors and install any other hardware that your cover might require
  • We will install the cover and adjust the straps if needed

Water Features

  • We will winterize any water feature that requires a separate pump to operate

Cleaning Service 

  • We will dip all the leaves and debris out of the pool prior to covering 

Extensive Closing

  • Pools with vanishing edge or extensive water features

Portable Spa

  • Draining and winterizing spa on the same day as the pool closing

Inground Spa

  • Draining and winterizing spa on the same day as the pool closing


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