The number one reason Baker Pool Construction does such wonderful work around the St. Louis area is because of our phenomenal team. From softball Sundays, to fundraising events, to an “all hands on deck” team mentality, the Baker Pool Family is committed to excellence in our work and in how we treat our people.

We are more than honored that our team nominated us and we were recognized by the St. Louis Post Dispatch as one of the Top Workplaces in 2017. The annual survey is based on values and ethics, communication and efficiency, leadership and management and connection within the company. Our employees rated their experience as part of the Baker Pool Construction team as above and beyond the benchmark statistics in all of these categories.

So, what makes life at Baker Pool Construction so award-worthy? Our President and Partner Ray Holt recalls his priorities when building the culture at Baker Pool Construction.

“Right away we recognized the need for the right people at this company. We value our people and their personal growth first and foremost at Baker Pool Construction. Our office environment is fun and light-hearted, people are always laughing,” Ray Holt said.  “We know when to buckle down and get great work done, but we keep the environment positive for all of our employees and value their well-being above all else.”

Our team recently sat down as a company and talked about our core values: integrity, positivity, approachability, dependability, hard work, and being team-oriented. Baker Pool Construction holds our values high and conducts our business with them on the forefront.

Aside from producing values-driven work, we can also be found amidst some friendly competition in a company softball game, or supporting our bicycle group pedaling their way through various philanthropic endeavors in St. Louis. Most recently, our bike team completed the St. Luke’s Hospital Tour de Wellness to promote healthy living and raise awareness of the dangers of an inactive lifestyle.

Having grown nearly 50% in the last 10 years, we are proud of our past and encouraged by the positive direction we are heading. We will work tirelessly to maintain our status as a top workplace in the St. Louis area. Thank you, Baker Pool Construction family!